"After seeing Juls for two years, I can't recommend her highly enough as a therapist. She was fantastic at guiding me through the EMDR process, something I was highly sceptical of at first but which had incredible results. She was never afraid of changing her methods when we hit mental blocks. Her humour and kindness are unmatched and really helped me open up when discussing more difficult topics. Testament to all her help, I no longer need to see her regularly, but I'm so grateful to her for giving me the tools I needed for an ongoing recovery!"

"Julie is an amazing therapist, not the sandals and cardigan type (my daughter Gracie would not have coped with that!), but a straight-talking, clinically awesome individual who has supported with compassion and challenged with honesty. Her warmth, humour and vast skill set have helped Gracie find positive ways of coping through difficult times. Whilst their sessions are less frequent now she's at Uni, Gracie refuses to check in with anyone else. I'm so proud of her progress and grateful for Julie's support."

"I saw Julie on and off from age 11, she is an amazing person and I cannot recommend her enough. The support and advice kept me on the right path in life and has continued to help me develop into a better person in my adult years.
Juls helped me navigate challenging times at secondary school and the difficult feelings associated with that. She is easy going and helped me be able to look at things from a different perspective.
Thanks once again Juls.

"I’m absolutely loving everything about uni but most importantly I’m the happiest I’ve felt in ages.
I feel so much more on top of my anxiety - I now control it rather than it controlling me. I couldn’t and wouldn’t feel how I do and be where I am now without all of your help over the past couple of years, so thank you so so much for everything that you’ve done to help me!"

Seen from ages 15 -17

"Julie has a unique capability to heal and help. She is our mind fairy🧚‍♀️and as well as being extremely knowledgeable she is kind, understanding and flexible . She has helped two young people in my family with mental health problems and I really cannot recommend her highly enough"

"Jools, I wanted to thank you so much for the role you have played in helping me develop myself over 2022, you’re most definitely in the right career because your help this year has saved my arse and help me appreciate and work on myself to the full. Can’t really say “I love you” to your therapist because of client relationships but I bloody do. Thank you so much for everything."

"After decades of sleepless nights from ptsd and frustrating dead ends with multiple therapists, I finally found Juls who used a technique called EMDR which I had never heard of before. Thanks to Juls and this EMDR technique I am able to finally sleep at night."

"I cannot recommend Julie enough. Even now, years after our frequent sessions have ended I still find myself using coping skills that Julie taught me when I first started seeing her. She is so kind and warm, while managing to also be so straight-talking and real. Sessions with her have been genuinely life changing for me, she is so good at what she does."